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President Putin's visit bolsters Armenia politically, economically and militarily

The  leader of the Russian Federation, a man that was just voted by none-other-than Forbes Magazine as the most powerful man in the world arrives in Armenia; he joins his Armenian counterpart to review the arsenal of impressive weaponry stationed at the recently modernized 102nd base in Gyumri; he pays his respects to the victims of the tragic earthquake of 1988; he pays tribute at the memorial to the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide; he attends a major Russian-Armenian economic forum; he announces that Russia will be providing Armenia natural gas and modern weaponry at domestic prices; he signs a whole range of far-reaching agreements with the Armenian government.... yet every single one of the Western world's news organizations, as well as most English language foreign media (including Armenian ones) simply chose to report on the "mass protests" carried out by several hundred psychologically challenged individuals? 

I'll get to the freak show in question a little later in this commentary.
How could it be that there is not a single positive Western news report about the state visit? How could it be that not a single Western news outlet ignored the protest by a small group of worthless idiots? Something's not right here. Could this be part of their global information war against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation? Could it be that news media executives in the Western world (primarily a small bunch of Brits, Americans and Jews with top level government connections) are conspiring against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation? 

Washington's information war against Putin
Once more: The greatest leader of our times arrives in Armenia to bolster the embattled nation's regional status; he signs a number of far-reaching agreements with Armenian officials; and he pays his respects to the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide, yet all we hear and read about is the street protest by several hundred Western-led sheeple?
Here is the most prominent example of the type of reporting I'm talking about: It comes to us by the way of a "reputable" instrument of the Anglo-American-Zionist global order -
Putin faces protests as he woos Armenia: http://news.yahoo.com/putin-faces-protests-woos-armenia  While reading this Reuters article, I accidentally stumbled across the following comment by someone calling him or herself "Latte Liberal" in the comments section of the webpage - "Great reporting Reuters! I'm an American living in Yerevan. I can look out my window and tell you there was more the 500 people protesting. Police were gassing, beating and arresting protesters all day."  I can look out my window? Gassing?! Police beating protesters all day? This, folks, is not a person reporting from Yerevan. This is one of Washington's paid cyber-warriors. In case you did not know, Washington employs large numbers of cyber activists that are tasked with disseminating Western propaganda and engage in information warfare throughout social media. Although their most recent major targets have been Syria and Iran, their most persistent target has been the Russian Federation and President Putin.

SOROS NGO in action >>> foto

Anytime President Putin goes anywhere or does anything, they are out in force trying to cast a dark shadow over him. They work in collusion with the Western world's news media outlets. Therefore, it was quite expected that Washington's psychological warfare goons with computers would be out in force on December 2, 2013 as well.
For those interested, the following is some more insight on Washington's cyber war against the world - US Launches Cyber Spy Operation Against The World (April, 2011):
The Western world's anti-Putin, anti-Russia campaign was commenced in earnest during the summer of 2008 when Moscow unexpectedly retaliated against Georgia's Western/Israeli/Turkish backed military aggression in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and liberated the disputed territories by military force. Since then, not a single day passes without any one of the major Western news organizations and their subsidiaries around the world putting out a news article or a report that viciously attacks President Putin and paints Russia is very stark colors. >>
I'd post some examples of what I am referring to but there are simply too many to choose from. Western news media is literally saturated with tens-of-thousands of articles and reports by "respected" journalists and "political commentators" attacking, belittling and ridiculing Putin and Russia in various degrees. If you care to, do a little search of "Russia" and "Putin" in every single Western news publication or "think tank" - and their subsidiaries around the world - and you will immediately see what I am talking about.
The Anglo-American-Zionist global order is using it's global levers to create an alternative reality for the global sheeple. 
With their distorted reporting about targeted leaders or nations (i.e. those not in their pockets or under their boots), they are attempting to pollute the atmosphere with negativity, suspicion and hate. They want their readership to see President Putin as an dangerous man and a bully that needs to be stood-up against and they present Russia as a backward nation who's miserable people desperately need Western support, naturally via democracy.
Similar to how vampires fear the sunlight and the crucifix, demons in power centers such as Washington, New York, London, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv, fear President Vladimir Putin. Their hate for President Putin (instinctual and primordial in nature) is a living testimony of his true greatness and a living testimony of the importance of Russia on the global stage.
Therefore, even if upon his arrival President Putin miraculous sprouted wings a flew high above Yerevan for all to see, Western funded and trained journalists in Yerevan would be reporting that "Putin flew to escape an angry Armenian mob".
Western interests draw on all their levers around the world to make their global competitor and their main antagonist look bad at all costs. After all, that is exactly what Psy-Ops (Psychological Operations) and Social Engineering (mental conditioning of a targeted society) is all about.
And since they have the global sheeple speaking their language and since Western propaganda agencies like CNN, Agence France Presse, BBC, Reuters, EuroNews, Associated Press, Voice of America and Radio Liberty is where many hundreds-of-millions of people around the world (including a large number of Armenians in Armenia) get their "news" from, their agenda to manipulate and condition society is made that much easier. 

Needless to say, Western television programming, films and music are also designed and disseminated to cultivate human thought, impart cultural taste and convey sociopolitical ideas upon those exposed to it (i.e. a majority of the world's population today).
The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that large numbers of Armenians today continue looking at Western integration as something very desirable even though they are seeing with their very own eyes that the European Union is deeply troubled and may be falling apart; even though they know very well that Western powers are firmly in bed with Armenia's historic enemies; even though they see Western powers oppressing and destroying nations around the world; and even though they realize that Western "values" (which is imposed on all nations under Western rule) is something that they do not want. Despite what they clearly see happening around the world, they still desire a strong Western presence in Armenia.
This is the power of Western propaganda. 
The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that large numbers of Armenians today look at the Russian Federation, a nation that actually makes Armenia's existence possible in a nasty place like the south Caucasus, and all they see is an enemy. The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that large numbers of Armenians today look at the greatest leader of modern times and all they see is a oppressor. The Western world's ability to alter reality and create perception is such that they have Armenian "patriots" taking to the street to do exactly what Turks and Azeris want them to do, drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia.
This is the power of targeted Social Engineering.
Make no mistake about it, Washington's information war against President Vladimir Putin and Russia are paying great dividends.
Let's look at it this way: Russia has kept Turks and Azeris out of Armenia for the past twenty years, as well as for the past ninety years, as well as for the past two hundred years. Russia has allowed a tiny, impoverished, landlocked, desolate, blockaded and embattled Armenia to militarily compete against - and even enjoy an advantage over - a large spending, warmongering petro-state like Azerbaijan. Russia has provided Armenia with very affordable gas and oil. Russia has provided crucial help to Armenia for the operation of its atomic power plant. Russia has allowed hundreds-of-thousands of Armenians (who would otherwise be unemployed in Armenia) to work inside Russia without any problems. Russia has allowed the transfers of billions-of-dollars worth of remittances from Russia to Armenia without any problems. Russia is by-far Armenia's largest trading partner. Russia is by-far Armenia's largest investor. Russia is Armenia's one and only ally. And Russia is a Christian, European culture and, unlike the West that imposes its animalistic "values" upon all subjugated nations, Russia is a nation that does not impose its values on Armenian society.
Therefore, Armenia is a nation that should be virtually 100% pro-Russia. 
Yet, even according to a recent Russian sponsored survey less-than 2/3 of Armenians living in Armenia view membership in the Russian-led Customs Union positively -
Potential member states demonstrate high level of public support for joining the Customs Union: http://www.eabr.org/e/press_center/press-releases/index.php?id_4=32383
Any Armenian with a normally functioning brain should be viewing Russia very positively and at the very least be viewing the Western world with deep suspicion. As far as I'm concerned, it does not say much about our people's perceptive abilities or political maturity that a slight majority of Armenians actually support integration with the Russian Federation.
Incidentally, according to the same survey noted above, 50% of Georgians view membership in the Customs Union positively. Despite the fact that Georgia recently fought a short but brutal war against Russia and lost nearly 20% of its territories as a result; despite the fact that Russia has placed economic sanctions on Georgia; despite the fact that Georgia has had a Western-backed leader at the helm for the past eight years; despite the fact that Western, Israeli and Turkish operatives continue saturating the Georgian landscape today... Georgia should be a nation that is 100% anti-Russia, yet half of the Georgian population is actually politically mature enough and has the foresight to view the Russian-led Customs Union as a possibility. 
So, relatively speaking, who is the smarter group of people, Georgians or Armenians?
Therefore, in Armenia's case, what's much more revealing to me than the 65% or so of those who view the Customs Union and Russia positively is the 35% or so who don't. And I would dare say that a vast majority of Armenians in Europe and north America would also much rather Armenia pursue a suicidal, Western path. 
As I have said in the past, had it not been for a handful of men like Robert Kocharyan, Serj Sargsyan and Seyran Ohanyan, Armenia would have been turned into a cheep brothel servicing Western oil companies, Turks, Azeris, Jews and Islamists a very long time ago.
And had the well-meaning choban, Vazgen Sargsyan, and the not-so-well meaning Soviet bureaucrat, Karen Demirjian, not been assassinated back in October 27, 1999, Armenia would most probably have lost its border connection with Iran (compliments of the US State Department's Paul Goble Plan) and would be 'literally' surrounded by Turkic nations today -
Some Thoughts on the October 27 Killings in Armenia (October, 2010):
When it comes to Armenia's foreign policy successes, please don't be naive enough to give any credit to the "people" or to "Armenians" in general. Had it been for the "people" to decide things, had it been for the Diaspora to decide thing, had it been for the typical Armenian in Yerevan (who would even sell his mother for a few Dollars or a Greencard) to decide things, we would have most probably lost Armenia by now. 
For something as obvious as Russia's crucially important role in Armenia's survival as a nation-state in the south Caucasus, even a single Armenian holding an anti-Russia or anti-Putin sentiment does not make any sense, as far as I'm concerned. Yet, due to the ubiquitousness of the Western world's anti-Russia propaganda, coupled with Armenian emotional problems, political illiteracy and arrogance, Armenia today has an abundance of psychologically disturbed imbeciles expressing an overabundance of hatred for a man and a country that actually makes their nation's existence in this world possible. 

Trying hard to impress Uncle Sam
As expected, despite the fact that Moscow has fully embraced Armenia as an ally and has accordingly protected Armenia from all regional predators, many of Uncle Sam's shameless street whores in Yerevan were out trying to spread fear, hate and disinformation on the day of President Putin's arrival. What we saw was several hundred hysterical animals with a good President Putin sprinkling of homosexuals being herded by employees of various Western funded NGOs and Western led political groups in Armenia such as Raffi Hovanissian's Heritage Party and Paruyr Hayrikian's Self Determination Party. What we saw on the streets of Yerevan on December 2, 2013 was a typical Western sponsored freak show.

It was very disheartening to see that while these Western led animals were telling the visiting Russian president to "siktir" (a Turkish term that roughly translated means fuck-off) and giving him the middle finger in true American fashion, President Putin and his Armenian counterpart were solemnly bowing their heads at the Armenian Genocide memorial -
Վլադիմիր Պուտինը Ծիծեռնակաբերդում: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xA8qVuMLU90
What a sad and an embarrassing irony.
Besides, what has made these people hate him so much? Perhaps there is something that I am not aware of. If so, can someone please explain to me why all this hate?
Is this what happens when you take Western grants, Western propaganda and Western activists and mix it with Armenian political ignorance, Armenian treachery, Armenian psychological problems and Armenian arrogance?
Speaking of Armenian political ignorance, arrogance, psychological problems and treasonous behavior, I'd like to bring your attention to a rabidly Russophobic Western led propaganda agency in Armenia called Lragir. [Please note that this propaganda outlet's server is located in Germany and most of its readers/visitors are from Azerbaijan.] The main task of Western led propagandists such as this Lra-glir is to attack Russo-Armenian relations in the vilest, most incomprehensibly irrational manners imaginable. The following are two such recent examples of their inexplicable nonsense - 

US Will Thwart Russian Occupation of Artsakh:
These Western led and funded propagandists' main task in Armenia is to create a social atmosphere that is by nature anti-Russian and anti-Armenian. Their task, which they perform enthusiastically, is subversion on behalf of Western powers. Lra-glir is not alone in its task to destabilize the Armenian state and undermine Russian-Armenian relations, they have the tacit support of other subversive propaganda outlets (Hetq, ArmeniaNow, Radio Liberty, Aravot), Western led street activists, Western led politicians, Western led think tanks and Western led NGOs. 
Why Armenian authorities allow these types of dangerous foreign entities to operate inside Armenia is a mystery. 
Nevertheless, it is also well known that the "patriotic" ringleaders of the recent freak show in Yerevan are paid servants of Western powers (the same Western powers that have military installations throughout Turkey, the same Western powers that have been pumping billions of dollars into Azerbaijan, the same Western powers that are currently trying to destroy Syria and Iran). Moreover, there are something like three thousand registered NGOs in Armenia employing many thousands of people in the small nation. A majority of these are Western funded organizations, and I would dare say that a majority of them are tasked with pushing, one way or another, a Western political agenda inside Armenia. Many of the protest participants were particularly derived from these Western led NGOs.
Once more, here is a partial list of organizations and individuals that should be either shutdown, exiled, jailed or banned from entering Armenia - 
Richard Giragosian, Raffi Hovanissian, Zaruhi Postanjian, Nikol Pashinyan, Paruyr Hayrikian, Levon Petrosian, Vartan Oskanian, Andreas Gukasyan, Levon Zurabian, Manvel Sargsian, Shant Arutyunian, Ruben Gevorkyants, Avetik Ishkhanyan, Jirayr Libaridian, Yeghia Nersesian, Gayane Abrahamyan, Armen Martirosyan, Salpi Ghazarian, Jirayr Sefilian, Edik Baghtasaryan, Arpine Galfayan, Emil Danielyan, Levon Parseghyan, Artur Sakunts, Georgy Vanyan, Igor Muratyan, Ara Manoogian, Robert Davidian, Onnik Krikorian, David Grigorian, Arpine Galfayan, Vardges Gaspari, Lara Aharonian, Nanore Barsumian, Larisa Minasyan, Mamikon Hovsepyan, Naira Hayrumyan, Sona Ayvazyan, Ara Papyan, Garo Ghazarian, Liana Aghajanian, Arman Babajanyan, Tsovinar Nazaryan, Karen Hakobian, Tony Halpin, John Hughes, Kirk Wallace, Transparency International Anti-corruption Center, Open Society Institute,Policy Forum Armenia, Sardarapat, ACNIS, Civilitas, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly,Armenian Environmental Network, Institute for Democracy and Human Rights,Heritage Party, Radio Liberty, Asparez Journalists' Club, Caucasus Center for Peacemaking Initiative, Women’s Resource Center, Arajinlratvakan, ArmeniaNow, Armenia Today, Aravot, Hetq and Lragir

These organizations and individuals will justify their actions regardless of how dangerous to Armenia or how irrational, simply because they are making a living by serving a Western agenda and because they - at least subconsciously - hate their homeland.

One of the ringleaders of the anti-Putin protest was Levon Parseghyan of the Asbarez Journalists' Club (not to be confused with Asbarez, the ARF's US based propaganda organ). Some of you may recall that this Levon Parseghyan character was in Washington a little less than two years ago, supporting agent Richard Giragosian's call for "chaos" and "revolution" inside Armenia. Please see the following link -

Panel Discussions Calling for Chaos in Armenia (February, 2012):

We must come to the realization that these types of people are steeped in their self-righteousness and blinded by their hate, ignorance, arrogance and egos of biblical proportions. I have unfortunately had a lot of experience dealing with their kind in Armenia and in the diaspora. I have come to the sobering conclusion that you just can't reason with them. You'll have more luck reasoning with a rabid street dog than talking sense to these types of people. The only way to effectively stop them or to silence or to get them out of your way is to simply eliminate them - whichever way necessary.
And isn't it interesting that Diasporan groups, who are normally obsessed about matters pertaining to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, for the most part ignored President Putin's official visit to the Armenian Genocide memorial and primarily covered the "protests" instead? The following are two such shameful examples -
Armenian Mirror Spectator: Putin Faces Protests in Armenia:
Armenian Weekly: Unwelcomed Guest, Undesired Host

I have yet to see a single Diasporan community representative or a recognized political pundit write a single positive or constructive article about President Putin's visit to Armenia. I have yet to see a single Diasporan community representative or a recognized political pundit write a singlepositive or constructive article about Russian-Armenian relations. I have yet to see a singleDiasporan community representative or a recognized political pundit write a single articleasking our anti-Russia crusaders - what the hell are you people doing in our name? Thus far, nothing. 
Every single one of the Armenian news reports I have come across in the Diaspora have ignored the immense and unprecedented political significance and ramifications of President Putin's visit to Armenia and have instead chosen to concentrate their coverage on the several hundred imbeciles led by Western operatives.
Is this Diasporan complicity, indifference or stupidity? It may actually be all three. 
Anyway, as we all saw, Western-funded NGOs and propaganda outlets in Armenia and in the Diaspora had an orgasmic day trying to soil President Putin's visit. They were all doing their best to impress the likes of Soros and Ilham Aliyev -

Why do we continue being this self-destructive? Why do we continue being this politically ignorant?Why do we continue to have suicidal tendencies? Have we learned nothing from our past mistakes? Are we this blind to the political world we live in? Is our arrogance this blinding? Is our emotional problems this debilitating? No wonder we have not had a normal nation-state in well over one thousand years. No wonder the Russian factor in the Caucasus is the only reason why we Armenians have a homeland today. No wonder Russians don't trust Armenians and have had us on a very short and stout leash as a result. Who in their right minds can blame Kremlin officials for not trusting us?
Heck, when it comes to Armenia, I don't trust Armenians.
By the way, the ugly thing with the orange hair appearing in the bottom-left corner of the above picture is bosha Mariam Gishyan, one of Hetq's many political mascots. Some of you may recall that this subhuman was asking for asylum in Turkey not too long ago. Too bad she didn't go -Family in Armenia Asks Turkey for Assylum:http://hetq.am/eng/articles/2213/
Dear readers, take a close look, these are the "Armenian patriots" that succeeded in casting a dark shadow over President Putin's state visit to Armenia for their bosses in the Western world and their spiritual brethren in Ankara, Tel Aviv and Baku. These are the "Armenian patriots" that have once again made Armenia look an insane asylum on the global stage.
Here, compare the rhetoric of Armenia's political opposition nutjobs to that of Azeri rhetoric to see their uncanny similarities -
Sargsyan jeopardizes Armenia to save his power:http://www.azernews.az/analysis/62876.html
And why do Armenian authorities continue tolerating this kind of behavior in our nation? Officials could have easily stopped this freak show from happening: Are they afraid of losing their Western aid (bribe) money? Are there Western operatives working deep inside the Armenian government? Are the authorities this weak, this corrupt and this indecisive? Or are they just incompetent? Or are they all of the above? 
It didn't have to be this way. 
Had one or two of the more prominent Western operatives involved in these types of subversive activities had the misfortune of having a tragic car accident some time prior to President Putin's arrival in Armenia, they would not have been out instigating trouble. But, being that Armenians are compassionate (another negative Armenian trait in my opinion) and since they love Western financial aid these cancerous cells are allowed to exist in a small and fledgling nation surrounded by predators in a hostile environment. Not a good situation.
Only when it seemed obvious that these people were not going to be abiding with the requests of law enforcement authorities did they begin to take them away. The following video clip is what I'm talking about. Besides watching it please read some of the posted comments to familiarize yourselves with the intensity of the raw hate many Armenians have towards their police and towards their state -
Armenian riot police picking up garbage in Yerevan:
As far as I could tell, I didn't see any blood spilled. If so, that was a bit disappointing, not to mention very impolite for a place like the south Caucasus where animals are traditionally slaughtered for honorable guests. 
Let's look at what we saw in Yerevan from another angle: How would this have looked to Russians? If I were a Russian, and I saw this kind of antics by a bunch of "black asses" against my president and my country, I would demand that my government immediately expelled all Armenian migrant workers in Russia, cut off all gas and oil deliveries (or at least quadruple their cost), stop providing support to keep the Armenian atomic plant operating, stop all investments, stop all imports of Armenian goods, stop all weapons deliveries and shutdown the Russian base in Gyumri. Then I would sit back with a cold bottle of vodka and give Armenians the middle finger and tell them to go and @%$# themselves (just like in the pictures above).
But being that I am an Armenian, all I can do is lower my head and shake it in utter disbelief.
These animals that we saw on the streets of Yerevan during Putin's state visit, as well as some of our migratory animals that live-off Russia and bring shame to our nation with their Asiatic ways are essentially why we get survey results such as this -
Let's please put to sleep the Քաջ Նազար that dwells in us all and be sober minded enough to realize that without Armenia's alliance, Russia, the largest and one of the most powerful and one of the wealthiest nations on earth today can somehow survive. Trust me on this. And let's put to sleep theպատրոնդաշ կապած չոբան that lives in us all and realize that without tacit Russian support - Armenia's statehood in the south Caucasus has no chance in hell.
These are not my compatriots
Before anyone tells me that I'm overreacting and that this was only several hundred protesters and nothing more, I would again remind you that according to a very recent Russian survey, nearlyone-third of Armenians (that's nearly one million if we are to believe that Armenia's population is three million) do not want closer integration with Russia. Thus, one-third of Armenia's three million population has the predisposition to participate in these types of anti-Russian activities or at the very least support them in one way or another.
And before anyone tries to tell me that these are my people and that I need to love them or be tolerant towards them, let me just tell you that these are the offsprings of those who enthusiastically gave themselves to Muslims, Kurds, Arabs, Persians and Turks during much of the past one thousand years. These cannot be my compatriots. These are the offsprings of rabid animals that time-and-again betrayed the Armenian state to invading armies. These are the offsprings of rabid animals that killed and dismembered Prince Toros of Eddessa and asked a Frank to rule over them. These are the offsprings of rabid animals that murdered the great Sparapet Mkhitar and presented his severed head to the Turkish Pasha of Isfahan as a peace offering. These are the offsprings of rabid animals that time-and-again betrayed our nationalistic revolutionaries inside the Ottoman Empire. 
No, these cannot be my compatriots.
As far as I'm concerned, these are the offsprings of rabid animals that have historically kept Armenians stateless, weak and vulnerable. And today, these are the animals in our midst pushing a suicidal Western agenda in my beloved homeland.
These people are not my compatriots for they are obstacles in the way of Armenia. These people are our enemies from within. And as long as we continue tolerating these kinds of people in our homeland, Armenia will remain a nation always on the verge of collapse.
one of my readers suggested, why not compile list of all these "patriots" that were bravely protesting President Putin's arrival in Armenia, and when the next war breaks-out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, gather them all up and send them to the battlefield to show us their patriotic zeal.
But let's not kid ourselves, had it not been for Putin's Russia these "patriots" would be running for their miserable lives when Turks or Azeris come knocking on the door. In fact, had it not been for the Russian presence in the south Caucasus for the past two hundred years every single one of these "patriots" would be living in eastern Turkey or northern Iran herding goats today.
As an Armenian, I'm deeply ashamed that Azeris, a people that view Russia as a pro-Armenian enemy state, showed President Putin much more respect than our self-destructive peasantry. As an Armenian, I'm deeply ashamed that that our imbeciles enthusiastically kissed Nikolai Sakozy's ass when that two-faced filthy clown was in Armenia, and I am pretty sure they would have done the same and much-much more to Obama if he had ever gone. And where were these morons masquerading as Armenian patriots when Abdulah Gul visited Armenia? 
Where were these morons when an anti-Armenian and a criminal of global proportions like Hillary Clinton visited Armenia? They were getting medals by her unholiness -
The Whore of Babylon in Yerevan (June, 2012)

It is now being reported that the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will be visiting Armenia shortly. Let's see if the following asshole in the picture below will be out protesting in this manner when the Turk arrives -

Armenians will be Armenians (i.e. emotionally unstable, psychologically challenged, abhorrently arrogant, self-destructive and politically ignorant). Instead of doing our best to embrace a powerful superpower that is in a close alliance with Armenia, we are doing our best to make sure Russians loath us. And we admire Jews? What a bunch of confused people we are.
My awakening
Growing up, I was always interested in international relations and history. The more I studied politics and Armenian history, the more I found myself angrily cursing at my ancestors for not having the political fortitude and the collective strength to preserve a powerful Armenian state during the past two thousand years. Growing up, I thought: we Armenians had learned our lessons well, if we only had the opportunity now, Armenia would once again be from "sea-to-sea"!
Well, now that I have grown up and seen all that needs to be seen, I find myself angrily cursing Armenians of today.
Deep seated emotional issues, arrogance, jealousy, materialism, disunity and political illiteracy may very well be genetic traits in us. 
Due to its very difficult geographic location, Armenia is a nation that demands the most of its sons and daughters. I'm afraid Armenia's sons and daughters are not yet up to the task. I had a very harsh awakening on March 1, 2008 when I woke up that day to find tens-of-thousands of my "compatriots" ransacking our beautiful capitol in the name of a filthy criminal and a traitor that had already once raped and pillaged the country during the 1990s.

Before that time, like many of you reading this, I was very positive about Armenians. I thought we had more-or-less learned from our previous mistakes. I thought we had a nationalistic and powerful Diaspora in the US. I thought we were somehow better than all the others. Not anymore. 
I was profoundly impacted by what I saw on the morning of March 1, 2008 and by what I have been seeing since then. I have come to see that the typical Armenian today is in fact an obstacle for Armenia's forward progress. I have since learned to disregard the Armenian when it comes to doing things for Armenia. I have since learned to place Armenia above the Armenian. Since then, Armenians have never ceased to amaze me with their political illiteracyand self-destructive behavior.
God save Armenia from democracy. And as strange as this may sound, for Armenia's sake, I do not believe Armenians deserve full independence. 
Once again, watching Western-led imbeciles in Yerevan protesting in the vilest of manners against a nation that has singlehandedly kept Armenia from disappearing from the world's map once again, and against a man that is the greatest ruler of our times was very surreal and profoundly depressing. 
I hope this has once again thought us a lesson or two about ourselves and what we need to do for Armenia. 
I hope my readers can now begin to understand that this kind of political illiteracy is part of the reason why we Armenians have not had a state to be proud about in well over one thousand years. I hope my readers are now beginning to understand why I say democracy is one of the most serious threats facing Armenia today. I hope my readers are now beginning to understand why I say Armenians should only be ruled by an authoritarian government. I hope my readers can now understand why I reserve more hope in Russians than in Armenians when it comes to the security of Armenia. 
I hope my readers are now beginning to understand why I have been saying one must search the deepest African jungle or the remotest Arabian desert village to find a tribe of people more politically ignorant and self-destructive as us Armenians. 
Nevertheless, despite the barkings of the Western press and our rabid street dogs in Armenia, I am extremely satisfied with the state visit by President Putin. As hoped for, his arrival yielded unprecedented results. A sampling of news articles are provided below this commentary.
What does this mean for Artsakh? 
Recent regional developments mean that the resolution of the dispute over Artsakh may finally be near. Having returned to the south Caucasus after a near twenty years hiatus, Moscow will not want a festering wound to get in the way of its regional agenda. This is where things might get a little worrying for us Armenians. There may be one more bout, a quick, decisive and a predetermined battle between Yerevan and Baku that will settle the matter for once and for all.
Allow me to set one thing straight: Ankara and Baku know that the only thing standing between them and their grand prize in the south Caucasus (i.e. Armenia and Artsakh) is Moscow. In the big picture, Turks are not afraid of Armenia's tiny military, nor are they afraid of the big talking yet utterly worthless Armenian Diaspora. Historically, Turks have only been afraid of the Russian Bear.This is why Armenia's antagonists have been placing much of their efforts on trying to drive a wedge between Yerevan and Moscow. This is why Yerevan's decision to enter the Customs Union was a important strategic step to secure Armenia's long-term existence. With all due respects to the brave men and women serving in the Armenian armed forces today, without direct Russian support Armenia would simply be unable to mount an effective, long-term defense of Artsakh if or when her larger and wealthier neighbors decide to resort to sustained violence once again. We Armenians were able to liberate Artsakh during the chaotic years following the Soviet Union's collapse (even then only after Russian support began coming into Armenia starting in early 1992, when the Soviet Union had collapsed and a new Russian state was born in its place). 
But as my favorite Wall Street saying goes: Past performances do not guarantee future results.
Armenia today is a demoralized (thanks to the country's doom-and-gloom opposition freaks), impoverished, tiny, remote, landlocked and a blockaded nation surrounded by enemies in one of the most volatile regions of the world - and the traditional Armenian Diaspora (the diaspora comprising of Ottoman-Armenian genocide survivors) is simply too busy obsessing over genocide recognition in Washington, too busy assimilating and too busy complaining about dirty toilets in Yerevan. 
With the following news item we vividly see where Diasporan priorities lie -
Prominent Diasporans Sign Statement in Support of Homosexuality:
And here is an ARF "ungeruhi" coming out of the closet. Please don't forget to read the posted comments as well -
While I'm on the topic of our Diaspora, I want to provide the reader with two additional examples of how the Diaspora's role in Armenia has been diminishing with each passing year. 
The following author is using an ARF venue to more-or-less celebrate the day he washed his hands of Armenia... but of course he continues to be engaged with an NGO that promotes peace between Arabs and Israelis -
And the following author (a self-engrossed "PhD" who is also a well known kurdophile) is using the same ARF venue to claim that Armenia today is no longer the "spiritual homeland" of Diasporan Armenians -
ypocrisy or ineptitude?
There you have it folks. Besides assimilating in their beloved diasporan nations, looking down on Hayastantsis and complaining about dirty toilets in Armenia; besides treating Armenia as an exotic zoo or a laboratory experiment; besides pushing a Western agenda or championing gay rights, can someone please tell me what else is the traditional Diaspora (i.e. offsprings of Ottoman-Armenian genocide survivors) good for these days? 
Times like this (and these times are unfortunately increasing in frequency) I'm deeply ashamed of my "ախպար" pedigree. 
While the oil rich anti-Armenian dictatorship in Baku is busy spending billions of Dollars acquiring a large arsenal of modern weaponry from around the world, we Armenians are busy infighting, washing our hands of our homeland, having kurdophilic fantasies about Western Armenia, pursuing dangerous Western sociopolitical fairytales in Armenia, pathetically crying at the feet of Western officials every April 24 and, of course, bravely championing gay rights!!!

This is where the "one-million strong American-Armenian Diaspora" is today.
A further indicator of the traditional Diaspora's gradual decline and its marginalization was seen in the results of the latest Hayastan All-Armenia Fund telethon -
Telethon 2013 Receives Largest Donations from Russia:

During this most reputable organization's most recent fund raising effort, the Russian-Armenian community contributed more money than all others combined! By comparison, US Western Region (which hosts one of the largest, the loudest and unfortunately the best known Armenian Diaspora in the world) and the US Eastern Region contributed a shameful $2 million and $1 million respectively.Although pathetically sad and very disappointing (especially in California's case), this nevertheless does not come as a surprise for me. This is essentially the price we Armenians pay for having community activists and representatives (e.g. Ara Manoogian, Garo Ghazarian, Jirayr Libaridian, Ara Khachaturian, Robert Davidian, Harout Bronozian, David Grigorian, et alii) and organizations (Policy Forum Armenia, ARF, Asbarez, Armenian Assembly of America, AGBU, Armenian Weekly, Armenian Bar Association, etc) that are in service of Washington. 
The Diaspora has effectively put itself out of the equation in Armenia. 
The Diaspora has effectively isolated itself from its homeland by continuing to do what the Bolsheviks started - driving a wedge between itself and the homeland. Moreover, the Diaspora is no longer a major factor in Artsakh.
Official Yerevan cannot therefore afford to be under any illusions today. We Armenians cannot make the grave mistake of overestimating our capabilities and underestimating our enemies'. Militarily, Azerbaijan is getting stronger with time. If for some reason Moscow stopped providing military support for Armenia and gave Baku a green light to attack, we will, sooner than later, lose Artsakh - if not more.

But Moscow will not abandon Armenia nor give Baku the green light to attack Artsakh. 
What will Moscow gain from strengthening Turkish, Islamic and Western interests in the strategic south Caucasus by weakening Armenia by bolstering an Azerbaijan, especially after investing so much for so many years in Armenia?

Had Turkish/Azeris money or oil been a real factor in Russia's foreign policy formulations in the south Caucasus, which is what many of our Russophobes claim, Moscow would have sold Armenia to Turks many years ago. But the reality is that Armenia and Artskah today play a very major role for Moscow. Artsakh's existence as a Russia-friendly Armenian fortress overlooking Azerbaijan serves the Kremlin's geostrategic interests. Equally important for Russians, the dispute over Artsakh also ensures Yerevan's and Baku's political dependence on Moscow. Moreover, Artsakh is essentially an arms depot with a battle ready population that will not bow to anyone and the Artsakh-Armenian military leadership enjoy a very close relations with their Russian counterparts.
Therefore - strategically, economically, tactically and practically - Moscow will not do anything that will drastically change the status quo in Artsakh. Armenian sovereignty over Artsakh is therefore set in stone. 
Nevertheless, now that Yerevan's allegiance has been secured via Armenia's ascension to join the Moscow-led Customs Union, I expect Moscow to earnestly begin pursuing bringing Baku under its fold as well.
Of course a best case scenario, from an Armenian perspective, would be if Baku continues to remain inflexible in its dealings with Moscow and Yerevan. There are encouraging signs that Western powers may be placing more emphasis on their dealings with Baku now as a result of the September 3 decision by Yerevan. With a Russia-friendly government now in Tbilisi and with Yerevan firmly under Russia's wing, Western policymakers will do everything they can to keep a presence in Baku. The following is a revealing Washington Times article about Azerbaijan that essentially reads like a tacky infomercial -
Azerbaijan: An American ally in a sea of threats

As you can see, Western powers will do everything they can - even paint a bloody dictator like Aliyev in peachy colors - just to keep Baku engaged. But there is not much else they can do to turn the tide in the south Caucasus. If Baku gives in to Moscow, which is what it will most likely do sooner or later, Yerevan will eventually be faced will coming to terms with a final settlement.
And this is where things might get somewhat ugly.
We might experience a short, choreographed war to convince both sides to come to the negotiation table and settle the Artsakh dispute for once and for all. As a final negotiated settlement with Baku,Yerevan may be expected to return some of the "seven regions" taken outside of Artsakh proper in order to settle Azeri refugees. [My biggest concern here is the fate of the territories west and south of Artsakh, namely strategic regions between Karvajar in the north-west and the Iranian border in the south-east] In return, Baku would be expected to recognize Artsakh's independence or its reunification with Armenia and perhaps return some areas of Artsakh currently under its control. 
It is of paramount importance to mention here that the degree and depth of the concessions that would be expected from Yerevan is ultimately up to the diplomatic acumen of Armenian politicians and the lobbying efforts of our political activists in Moscow. 
Moscow will eventually want to resolve the dispute between Yerevan and Baku under terms that meet its regional interests. Therefore, if Armenians holding on to all of the liberated territories suites its interests, it will support it. In my opinion, the primary responsibility of holding on to every square centimeter of liberated Artsakh falls upon the shoulders of Armenian politicians and Armenian lobbyists.
Instead of complaining and fear mongering and threatening closer relations with Western powers, as some of us tend to do when things don't go our way with Moscow, we Armenians need to draw on all our national assets and make a strong case for Artsakh within the walls of the Kremlin.
Yerevan must do all it can to find an way to convince the Kremlin that keeping Artsakh whole and powerful is in the long-term geostrategic interests of the Russian Federation. If it can't this, Armenia may be forced to pullback from certain territories.Therefore, Artsakh's ultimate fate is to a certain degree in the hands of our politicians and activists and subject to our ability to recruit, convince and/or manipulate Kremlin officials into our national cause. 
Sadly, however, I do not see much of an effort being put into this vital strategic matter by Armenians in Armenia or by our "democracy" obsessed Armenians in the Diaspora. On one side, we have Russophobic Captain Americas attempting to spread fear and hate of Russians and on the other side we have Russophile chobans expecting Russian officials to decide everything. 
The recent controversy regarding political activist and intellectual Zori Balayan's letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin may indeed be a sign that the dispute over Artsakh is beginning to take center-stage. Balayan's letter may be a sign that Moscow is seeking to get more involved in the disputed region. Here is a relatively unbiased report on the matter from ArmeniaNow -

Experts say 200 years on, Russo-Persian peace deal still relevant:
This issue should also be looked at within the context of the following conference - 
Russian Expert: Nagorno Karabakh’s ties with Russia should be as strong as with Armenia: http://arka.am
Unlike his naysayers (i.e. armchair generals in the Diaspora and Western funded opposition freaks in Armenia) Balayan is a genuine patriot and a man very worthy of respect. Balayan did not call for turning Artsakh over to Russia. Balayan is calling on Moscow to remember the region’s political history and assume responsibility to settle the festering matter in Armenia’s benefit. In other words, with the south Caucasus coming back under the Bear's influence, farsighted patriotic men like Balayan are simply trying to prepare the field of play for Armenia's benefit. 

Therefore, unlike what our Captain Americas and nationalist nutjobs are claiming, the matter at hand is not about placing Artsakh under Russian jurisdiction, it's about deriving the best possible outcome from the current geopolitical climate in the south Caucasus.
What Balayan did was what I have been wishing to see Armenian officials do all these years: Lobbying Russian officials!
It's clear that Moscow is getting serious with regards to the dispute over Artsakh. The pro-and-cons of Russian involvement in Artsakh can be debated. Yes, Russia has indeed a historic responsibility in the region, a responsibility to correct the wrongs of history. But, again, I would like to emphasize here the paramount importance of Armenian lobbying efforts in Moscow. We cannot sit back and expect - or demand - that Russians to do the right thing for Armenia. Armenians need to embark on a collective, pan-national effort to make a case for Artsakh's territorial integrity. Armenians need to figure out a way to make Artsakh a strategic asset for policymakers in Moscow. Armenians need to work on making sure they will have a major input in whatever the final settlement will look like.
It won't be an uphill battle: Russo-Armenian interests within the south Caucasus converge for the most part. 
In fact, we are seeing this historic convergence of political interests between Russia and Armenia extending to Artsakh as well. Breaking all diplomatic norms, Moscow has again gone out of its way - risking serious political damage - to express its steadfast support for the Armenian state. In a recent interview, the commander of the recently modernized and supplied 102nd Russian military base stationed in Gyumri, Armenia stated in an interview that if Baku attempts to take Artsakh by military force, his troops may join Armenian forces in retaliating against Azeri forces - 
Colonel Andrey Ruzinsky: Russian Troops in Gyumri will Retaliate If Azerbaijan Attacks Artsakh: http://asbarez.com/115675/russian-troops-in-gyumri-will-retaliate-if-azerbaijan-attacks/
In my opinion, Baku did not need to hear this most recent Russian warning. Azeris have long known where Russia stands on the issue of Artsakh. Their fear of the Bear is the primary reason why Baku and friends have not initiated major military hostilities against Armenia and Artsakh in recent years. Westerners, Israelis, Turks, Azeris and Wahhabi Islamists know that the only thing standing in their way against the total subjugation of the south Caucasus is the Russian presence in Armenia. In other words, the aforementioned antagonists are not truly concerned about Armenia's tiny military nor do they fear Armenia's big talking, under performing Diaspora. Simply put, they fear Russia. This is why Western agents (you know their names) have been tasked with disseminating Russophobia in Armenia. Their desire is to undermine Russo-Armenia relations so that it never reaches its potential. Needless to say, the Western press was quick to criticize the Russian commander's comments -
Russia Shows its Hand on Karabakh: http://euobserver.com/opinion/122032
Nevertheless, what's interesting here is how serious geostrategic calculations always trumps money and lobbying. Turks and Azeris have been much smarter than us Armenians in that they, unlike us Armenians, recognize the paramount importance of the Russian factor in the south Caucasus and have accordingly placed a lot of emphasis on lobbying Russian officials and spending large sums of money in Russia. Here we see billionaire Ara Abrahamyan, one of Russia's most prominent Armenians and one who enjoys a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, sounding the alarm about the lack of political activism by Armenians in Moscow - 
Ara Abrahamyan interview: 

Thankfully, despite the very lucrative dealings Russian officials have with Ankara and Baku, when it comes to serious political matters, we have been seeing Russian officials always placing national interests above profit. Needless to day, nations such as Syria, Iran and Armenia have enjoyed the fruits of Russia's mature foreign policy calculations. 
For better or for worst, Moscow is the alpha and the omega of Caucasian politics, and nothing will be changing this reality for the foreseeable future. Therefore, let's all realize this, accept this, and try to exploit this for Armenia's long term benefit.
Despite it all, better times are ahead

President Putin's visit to Armenia bolstered the blockaded and embattled nation politically, economically and militarily. President Putin and President Sargsyan's review of the modernized military base in Gyumri was very impressive to say the least. The 102nd Russian military base stationed on the Armenian-Turkish border has become a powerful military outpost that NATO will never encroach upon -
Սերժ Սարգսյանը և Վլադիմիր Պուտինը 102-րդ ռուսական ռազմակայանում:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3FxIPL-m3o

Moreover, I was very glad that the Russian government has decided to waive export duties to Armenia for natural gas and raw diamonds. I was deeply touched that President Putin visited the Gyumri's earthquake memorial as well as the Armenian Genocide memorial on the outskirts of Yerevan. And I am very hopeful that the Russian-Armenian business forum will begin to yield tangible results in a nation languishing from twenty years of political indecision.
In short, every single thing we saw President Putin do in Armenia was essentially a loud messege to Turks and Western powers alike, and it said: Keep your hands off Armenia!
There has also been other, somewhat unexpected, positive developments coming out of Russia's growing presence inside Armenia. Washington and Ankara are all of a sudden expressing strong desires to reengage Yerevan in negotiations -

US Energy Giant to Pump $180 million into Armenia:

Turkey issues new roadmap, relations with Armenia included:

ANCA Welcomes Results Of U.S.-Armenia Economic Talks:http://asbarez.com/116590/anca-welcomes-results-of-u-s-armenia-economic-talks/

In my opinion, the above is Uncle Sam's attempt at salvaging what little influence it has left in Armenia. They even seem to have their partners in Ankara softening their approach to Yerevan. In other words, with Yerevan no longer afraid of Western or Turkish threats and no longer dependent on US or European bribes and handouts, Washington is readjusting its approach to Armenia to preserve at least some of its dwindling presence in the country. Interestingly, even the "Millennium Challenge" bribe program has been unexpectedly renewed. Mind you that this was one of Washington's largest aid programs in Armenia and it was suspended around 2009 due to "serious concerns about corruption in the Armenian government". Is Armenia less "corrupt" now in the eyes of Washingtonian reptiles? Of course not.

It's basically Uncle Sam's turn to start kissing some Armenian ass. 
Armenia's growing clout in regional affairs has become possible because President Putin's Russia has turned Armenia into an epicenter of activity in the south Caucasus. As a result, Armenia has become an impregnable fortress and now stands on the verge of becoming a major trade hub and an important crossroads connected north, south, east and west.

Armenia is now finally on the right path. 
I can finally see some light at the end of our long and dark tunnel. Thanks to the farsighted decision made by President Sargsyan on September 3, 2013, I sincerely believe better times are ahead for our homeland.

Once more, for those who are having a problem with this: Deeper Russian involvement in Armenia simply means closer, more effective political, military, economic and financial cooperation between former Soviet states - and not the lose of Armenia's "independence" as our Western funded activists are desperately trying to convince us. No, Bolshevism is not returning to Armenia. No, the Soviet Union is not returning to Armenia. And no, the Russian nation does not have the appetite - or is stupid enough - to ever seek the resurrection of the Russian Empire. 

Thus, when we talk about greater Russian involvement in the context of former Soviet republics, what we are essentially talking about is a Russian-led confederation of independent states closely working with each other. Suggesting anything else is utter nonsense derived from Western propaganda, political illiteracy and/or paranoia. 
Addressing those who claim Armenia has become too dependent on Russia, I ask: What is the alternative, piss off Russia by seeking Western integration? Does any one remember what happened to Georgia, a nation that even had strong support from the US, Britain, Europe Turkey and Israel? Unlike Georgia, Armenia has no real friend in this world - other than Russia. Iran is simply a friendly nation. We cannot realistically expect the kind of support we see from Russia coming from an Islamic Iran. Besides which, Iran is also a nation targeted by the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance and friends.
Tiny, demoralized, impoverished, desolate, landlocked, remote and blockaded in a very Turkic, Islamic and hostile geographic region of the world, Armenia has no choice but to be dependent on Russia. Please read the following words of advise by a Turk and try to draw some conclusions -
There is nothing that Ankara wants more today than having us Armenians expel Russia from Armenia. Of course the same can be said about "opposition" activists in Armenia such as Raffi Hovanissian and Paruyr Hayrikian. Washington's and Ankara's geostrateigc agenda for Armenia during the past twenty years have been to blockade and starve Armenia into submission, and to flood Armenia with political activists, independent journalists and rights advocates to exploit the fledgling nation's growing pains and to sow fear towards Russia. Simply put: Starving Armenia economically, making it defenseless militarily and breaking Armenian morale via a viscous information war is what "freedom loving" officials in Washington and their pan-Turkist allies in Ankara have been pursuing. 
Yerevan's ascension to the Russian led Customs Union will be strategic in that it will solve Armenia's most pressing problem: Gaining Armenia access to a very large, multinational market to help it revitalize its stagnant economy, and keep the embattled nation protected militarily against regional Turkic predators. Moreover, and I cant repeat this enough: 
Armenian independence from Russia means Armenian dependence on Turkey
As I have said, Armenia's political opposition's agenda in Armenia is fully inline with that of Ankara's. As I have said, Armenia's political opposition (virtually the whole gamut) is comprised of foreign mercenaries and traitors to the Armenian nation. Any Armenian today that expresses anti-Russian sentiments is either an imbecile or a traitor to the Armenian nation. There is no other way to explain it anymore. Once again, for Armenia, independence from Russia means dependence on Turkey -
George Friedman: "Russian presence in Armenia is bad for Turkey, Keep Armenia isolated": http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2010/11/arye-gut-israeli-jewish-expert-in.html

Thankfully, Russia has once again become the political alpha and the omega of the south Caucasus. Let's therefore learn to put aside our egos, emotions and biases and accept this reality and work with this reality for Armenia's long-term benefit.
Let's also recognize that Armenia's recent rise as a regional power has only been possible due to the near total control Moscow has had over Armenia's energy and military sectors. In the world of realpolitik, Moscow would be much less willing to empower Armenia had it not been able to secure Yerevan's total dependence. Why trust anyone, especially a problematic people like us Armenians? Moscow will only trust Armenia if it can verify Yerevan's allegiance to it. And the only way Moscow can do so is if it keeps Yerevan dependent on it by controlling sensitive sectors within Armenia.
This is an opportunity. Armenians can use this time period to strengthen Armenia militarily and economically by ensuring that Moscow remains fully and unequivocally convinced that Armenia will be staying firmly within its orbit for the foreseeable future. Armenians can strengthen Armenia militarily and economically by convincing top level policymakers within Russia that a more powerful - but fully dependent - Armenia in the south Caucasus can be exploited by Moscow to achieve a strategic balance of powers between Armenians, Georgians and Turks and can project Russian power throughout the region via Armenia. 
As I have said, as long as the Armenian language remains Armenia's national language and as long as Armenia is able to maintain its homegrown armed forces, I prefer greater Russian involvement inside Armenia to off-set the corrosive effects of Westernization and Globalism. 
I rather have an Armenia that is economically prosperous and militarily powerful but dependent on Russia than have an Armenia that is "independent" of Russia but politically unstable, economically depressed and dependent on Turkey. 
The only major political entity in the world today (and for the foreseeable future) that has a strategic interest in seeing Armenia exist as a nation-state in the south Caucasus is the Russian Federation. In the harsh realities of the south Caucasus there are simply no alternatives to Russia. 
Moreover, those, such as myself, who greatly appreciate western/European civilization (not to be confused with Anglo-American-Zionist Westernization or Western Globalism) and want to see its preservation should come to the realization that the Russian Federation today is gradually turning into the bastion of western/European civilization - as the Western world (i.e. Northern America, Britain and the European Union) commits cultural suicide. 
Nevertheless, Armenia today stands on the verge of becoming a major Russian-backed regional trade hub. Armenia stands poised to be a strategic point between the Eurasian Customs Union and the Middle East, Turkey and Europe. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, let's wake-up from our EUrotic fantasies and American dreams and use this historic opportunity for the betterment of our Armenian homeland. 
Geopolitics is one of the most important yet least understood topics on earth, especially amongst our people. The Armenian sheeple have been taught by their Western shepherds to say: what geopolitics(?) when your people are starving! 
Well, without the proper understanding of Armenia's geopolitical environment and the clever implementation of a well conceived geostrategy, Armenia will continue starving even under best of circumstances. Without a clear geostrategic vision, Armenia may disappear from the map once again. 
The pursuit of Western fairytales such as "democracy" and "human rights" in Armenia are dangerous red-herrings that only serve to stagnate the fledgling nation politically and economically and prevent us Armenians from collectively pursuing more important, more strategic matters facing our embattled nation.
Thankfully, we have had some competent leaders at the helm in Yerevan. President Sargsyan's September 3 decision was a very wise geostrategic move that will begin paying enormous dividends in the near future. Pax Russicana in the south Caucasus holds many promises. As you will see with the following news developments, the chess pieces are already slowing falling into place.
God bless Armenia. God bless Russia. And may God help protect the historic alliance between Yerevan and Moscow from all enemies both foreign and domestic. 

December, 2013

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