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TOP-5 leaders of the Caliphate, which must be eliminated

TOP-5 leaders of the Caliphate, which must be eliminated

1.Abd al-Rahman al-Mustafa Qaduli -- Abu Ala al-Africa
He is deputy Khalifa, and in fact in the case of death or injury Baghdadi he directs the Caliphate.  Al Afri - a former physics teacher from Iraq Mosul. Real name Abd al-Rahman al-Mustafa Qaduli, since 1998 trained in the camps of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. In 2004, he returned to Iraq and joined the local branch of Al-Kady in the struggle against the US occupation, after the tip of the Iraqi Al -Kaidy was destroyed, allegedly by bin Laden was nominated for the role of leader of Iraqi jihadists. Lost compete for the leadership of al-Baghdadi, but after being injured as a result of recent US bombing, became man №2 in the Caliphate and replaces the injured Khalifa. Determines the overall development strategy of the Caliphate and is one of the most prominent religious preachers movement. In May 2015 the Ministry of Defence Iraq states that al-Afri was killed by the Americans, but the Pentagon denied this statement. 

2. Vice-Khalifa on Syria, Abu Ali al-Anbar 
is a former major general in Saddam Hussein's army, a professional soldier. Al Anbar is the second person of the Islamic state in Syria and reports directly to al-Baghdadi. He is a member of the highest Shura and acts as envoy of  al-Baghdadi with the broadest powers - who reportedly now avoids digital communications and phones. In combination he directs all the intelligence of the Caliphate, the Security Council and coordinates all military operations of the Caliphate in Syria. In fact, if you take Syria - this is our main opponent. As al-Afri comes from Mosul. After the US invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Hussein joined the group Ansar al-Islam - but he kicked out for corruption (so that's local specificity, cut the head wrong you might as well steal can not), then he prisedinilsya to al-Qaeda, and then joined in LIH. It is believed that Sharia should not, but appreciate the leadership of the professional military and organizational talent. However, a few cited the LIH trained army officers of the former Iraqi army Hussein era. Brilliant military operations in 2013-2014 LIH his handiwork. It should be understood and the recent defeat of the troops of the Free Syrian Army, his handiwork. In general, a typical military expert, which should not be underestimated.


3. Command in northern Syria - Abu Omar al-Shishani 
A native of Georgia !, the real name of Abu Omar al-Shishani is Taymurazovich Tarhan, the name of fighting Al-Shishani. Father Christian, a Muslim mother. As a child, was a shepherd, served as a sergeant in the Georgian military intelligence, good control of the weapon and had the skills to work with-scale maps. He retired from the Army for medical reasons. Then he engaged in illegal trade in arms, after which he was caught and imprisoned. They picked up radical ideas and how spent, gone to fight in Syria, where he quickly gathered a detachment brothers on reason and which fought against Assad, it has not yet entered into LIH. A notable feature of his unit / units was that they were usually multinational. If you say people from Russia will go to fight in Syria for the Islamists, then with high probability it will fall under the authority of this man here. In its submission militias are made ​​up of people from the North Caucasus and the CIS countries. Operation command of the Caliphate in northern Syria, his troops now basically fighting against Kurdish rebels and pro-Western. Abu Omar al-Shishani is also a member of the Shura and the higher charge of prisons in Raqqa. It has its own percentage of oil trade through Turkey and trafficking of slaves in the Caliphate. It is considered good strategy, participated in the development plans of the defeat of the Iraqi army in northern and central Iraq in 2013. To his credit also several successful operations against the army of al-Assad, including the seizure of the airbase Menagh. Repeatedly declared dead  but still alive. 

al-Shishani dead ..16/10/2015
The Russian fighter jets killed dozens of Takfiri terrorists, including the Emir (top commander) of Ahrar al Sham terrorist group in Homs, Abu Bakr al-Shishani, on Wednesday.
Syrian military sources told Sputnik on Thursday that al-Shishani was reportedly killed by a Russian airstrike in Homs province in Syria."On October 14, a Russian airstrike, carried out in the Homs province, destroyed a group of militants along with Chechen-born Abu Bakr al-Shishani, leader of the Ahrar Al-Sham terrorist group," the source said.The Syrian army also killed two other top commanders of the Takfiri terrorist group, including head of the militants' operations room, in Homs on Thursday.The terrorist commander, Rawad al-Aksah, was killed in Teir Ma'la in Homs countryside. Al-Aksah was in charge of Homs operations room, and also led the terrorists in Teir Ma'la.

4. "Minister of Propaganda" Abu Muhammad al-Adani 
Official press-secretary of LIH. Real name Subhi Taha Falah. Born in Syria, Binnishe, was among the first Syrian jihadis who moved to Iraq to fight against the American occupation. This is the official mouthpiece of the Islamic state, and one of the most influential "emirs" of the Caliphate. Al-Adani was the one who publicly proclaimed Islamic Halitf and called Caliph al-Baghdadi. During the guerrilla war in Iraq was captured and spent 5 years in prison. Then he came out  (!!??) ... and resumed his old ways. Al-Adani has played a key role in bringing together the various jihadist groups in 2013 under the banner of LIH and de facto he is one of the godfathers of the Caliphate. He is known for his speech in which he calls on followers LIH to kill non-Muslims, including in the West. "You can kill the infidels in the West. Break the head stone or stab him with a knife, or crush his car or drop it from a height or strangle or poison him" ( translation is not accurate, but the meaning is something like this) - so to say a fragment of the views of this character.  In general, the local propaganda minister and ruler of the minds, however, unlike Goebbels is not a "desk employee."

5. "Minister of War", Suleiman al-Nasser Abu - Al Mansoor Zaidi
Suleiman al-Nasser is the "minister of war" and the head of the Military Council of the Islamic State. Despite the very high office, information about it is very little. Real name Nieman Salman Al Mansoor Zaidi - according to one, born in Syria, on the other - in Morocco. Brought to the role in 2014, in November last year, becoming one of the top military leaders surrounded by a caliph. Actively participated in the guerrilla war against US occupation in Iraq. Trained in the Iraqi jihadist training camps in Rawa before the raid of US forces in 2003. During the occupation a long time spent in an American prison known as Camp Bucca, where he was subjected to torture and abuse. Like many other leaders of the Caliphate, passed through US prisons, which have become a kind of incubator for future leaders of LIH. After his release, he joined al-Qaeda, which has been appreciated for what had tribal or national loyalties and served the interests of the global jihad, so that no problems with the transition to LIH he did not Zinc (original in English here + by itself something else that added from other sources) PS. In general, according to the biographies of the characters is very dangerous, with a wealth of life experience and decades of jihad behind. Of course, without these people, another gang of jihadists could not become a state. Well and, accordingly, the problem of the elimination of the state from the political map of the world can not do without the elimination of these people, along with the caliph, negotiate with them, after all committed to them is unlikely to be someone missing.

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