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Armenian issue today related to M. East and Syria

The campaign against Damascus will not be letting up anytime soon; they are clearly in this for the long run. Having gotten not far with a "popular" uprising, we can expect the drive against Assad's regime to become bloodier as Turkey and Washington's various Arab client states begin sending Islamic terrorists into Syria. What people must realize is that there can no longer be a political solution to Syria's problem. If Assad's regime is unable to find an effective military solution, the next few months in Syria will most probably see a significant increase in guerrilla type hit-and-run operations and terror bombings. Unfortunately, Syria is not the only powder keg in the region. Ambitious imperialists and predatory Zionists in Washington are clearlywinning the propaganda war against Iran. The war camp in United States has secured the hearts&minds of America's cattle. Having thus succeeded in their fearmongering campaign, they are currently preparing the ground for a military strike against Iran.

As a precautionary measure against a fallout from a wider regional war, Russia has reportedly been reinforcing its military presence throughout the Caucasus. Moreover, as a precautionary measure against Baku's militaristic desires with regards to Armenia, Moscow has also been actively helping Yerevan enhance its military capabilities.Concerning General Ohanyan's recent visit to Washington: Giving it much importancewould be a mistake. The visit can be characterized as nothing more than giving dangerous imperialists in Washington some lip service. 

Russian anti-terror troops in Syria?

Against this already tense backdrop, a major news outlet just released a bombshell. Citing two Russian news source, ABC News is reporting that a Russian "anti-terror squad" has landed in Syria (see news report immediately below this commentary). If this report proves accurate, this is a serious development in the region. Decisions to put troops in harms way, in foreign lands nonetheless, are not made very easily. If Moscow is taking such a risky hands-on approach in Syria, it essentially means two things: One, geopolitically, the Assad regime's preservation in Syria is crucially important to Moscow. Two, Moscow does not have great confidence in the abilities of Assad's security forces.

As predicted, Moscow is not taking any chances as political unrests reach areas it considers strategically important to the Russian Federation. Consequently, we can expect Moscow to begin taking a much tougher stance, especially now that Vladimir Putin has been reelected back into power. As Moscow draws a clear line in the sand, the Western campaign to drastically redraw the map of the Middle East continues unabated. East and West are on a collision course yet again. We may in fact be in the midst of a Cold War II -

Back to the Future: Cold War rhetoric best-selling:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDPpCMzssNM
Many today are asking the question: why is Russia protecting the regime in Damascus so vehemently? Some Western pundits are explaining that it's simply because Moscow sells arms to Damascus. In reality, the arms trade between Moscow and Damascus is the least important factor; Damascus was never a really good payer going back to the Soviet era. Moscow's main concerns in Syria are geostrategic in nature. Much like how Serbia was the last pro-Russian bastion in Europe before it was isolated and mutilated by NATO towards the end of 1990s, Syria is today the last pro-Russian political entity in the Middle East. What's more, Syria hosts the only Russian military base located outside of former Soviet territory. The Russian naval base at the port city of Tartus is strategically very important to Russia's high command. Finally, Kremlin officials also recognize that Syria's fall will inevitably weaken Iran and Hezbollah. With Syria, Hezbollah and Iran defeated, a massive swath of territory, stretching from Morocco to Pakistan will more-or-less be under one management.
The Wall Street Journal commentary posted at the very bottom of this page is a little look at one aspect of the geostrategic nature of the current crisis in the region. With the news agency's blessings, the author of the piece in question is basically explaining the main reason why Moscow has been up-in-arms over Iran. Simply put, the author is telling us: the Kremlin is worried that if the current regime in Tehran falls to the Western alliance, Russia's strategic yet vulnerable positions from the Caucasus to Central Asia will become untenable. The author of the commentary is telling us very candidly what I have been warning about for many years: This campaign is much bigger than Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. The Western alliance's long-term geostrategic campaign is ultimately against Russia and China, and they are employing Turks and Wahhabi Islamists to realize this goal.

Geostrategic realities that need recognition

I must once again remind the reader that if Damascus and/or Tehran falls, it wont only be Zionists and Western interests reaping the benefits. Islamists, Turks and Azeris will be some of the main benefactors of a weakened Syria and/or Iran. Without the presence of a powerful Iran acting as a natural Shiite buffer in the region, the entire region will inevitably suffer from severe cases of Turkic and Islamic infestations. An Iranian defeat in particular will prove disastrous to Russia's geostrategic positions in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Iran has historically been able to keep Western, Turkish and Sunni Arab forces in check. This natural balance of power in the region has also served Russia well. Therefore, a weakened Iran in the region may significantly weaken Russia's standing in the region. And without a powerful Russian presence in the Caucasus, there is little doubt that the entire region will turn into an Islamic/Turkic cesspool practically overnight.

In fact, without a strong Russian presence in the Caucasus, not even a million of Armenian society's big talking patriots will be able to stop Armenia from disappearing from the map once again.
Although Armenians of Artsakh are very courageous, without outside support they would not last very long in a sustained attack by a large military. It is encouraging that a majority of Armenians in the liberated territories recognize that Moscow is crucially important to their survival. Moreover, Armenians would make a grave mistake if they continue underestimating the military capabilities of Baku. One of the most deadliest mistakes in combat is to underestimate your enemy; the other is overestimating yourself. Armenians may be guilty of both. We Armenians must be reminded of the Wall Street saying: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Despite the fact that man-for-man Azerbaijan's military is currently inferior to Armenia'sArmenians must be prudent enough to also recognize thatAzerbaijan's greatly modernized military is lethal and it is continuing to grow. Although they out-numbered Armenians in the battlefield during the war in the early 1990s, Azerbaijan nevertheless did not have any effective combat units. As a result, Armenian courage, perseverance and ingenuity at the time overcame Armenia's numeric inferiority against Azerbaijan. However, Armenians cannot continue relying on the enemy's incompetence for its future victories. 

With this in mind, Armenian military commanders must continue maintaining a combat state-of-readiness in Armenia and Artsakh, and Armenian officials must continue being a ubiquitous presence within the halls of the Kremlin.
While Armenia's military is Yerevan's tactical advantage, Armenia's alliance with Russia must be its strategic advantage. Despite all the negativity of our peasantry with regarding to Armenian officials, I'm glad to report that Yerevan has been implementing the aforementioned approach. 

Caucasus on the edge

A good example of what I am referring to may be what is currently happening in north Caucasus today. It's being reported that Moscow has began building-up its military presence in the north Caucasian Russian republic of Daghestan. Initial reports have been suggesting that this military show-of-force was intended as a measure against foreign-backed Islamic terrorists that are very common in the region. This simplistic explanation, however, may not be the whole story. Moscow has been successfully fighting Islamic militants in the region using special operations troops. There is no need for deploying large numbers of army regulars and heavy military hardware such as modern T-90 tanks and multiple rocket launchers in Daghestan - unless there is something else on Moscow's mind. Therefore, it can be safely surmised that the military buildup in Daghestan may actually have a conventional military purpose. The following "Argumenty Nedeli" article translated from the original Russian (posted towards the bottom of this page) interestingly suggests that Moscow may be building up its forces in Daghestan to discourage Baku from invading Artsakh this summer. The following is a candid quote from the article in question - 

"It is rumored here that come summer Azerbaijan will make another go at Nagorno-Karabakh and try to reabsorb the runaway region. All this military might concentrated in Dagestan is meant as a warning to Baku, a message that Russia will stand by Armenia."
Which brings me to another point I would like to make. I recognize that a majority of Armenians today may object to what I'm about to say, but it must be said for Armenia's sake. In the big geostrategic picture of the Caucasus, Moscow has been the fundamental reason why Baku has not dared to attack Artsakh or Armenia. Armenia's regional antagonists know very well that they can take on the small, impoverished and landlocked nation without serious problems. Baku's and Ankara's main fear is Moscow's reaction to an attack against Armenia. Historically, Turks have had a natural fear of the Russian Bear. Throughout the past twenty years, Russians officials have repeatedly warned Yerevan's antagonists about attacking Armenia. As long as the Bear needs an Armenian presence in the south Caucasus, no Turk will dare step foot inside Armenia. Again, while we Armenians can be truly proud of our small but powerful military, we must be sober enough to also recognize that it is Russia that is ensuring Armenia's presence in the Caucasus. We Armenians simply cannot afford losing sight of this geostrategic nuance.

If I keep repeating myself, it's only because significant numbers of Armenians today do not posses even a basic understanding of geopolitics. What's more, significant numbers of Armenians continue to suffer from illusions of grandeur
(Armenians can conquer the world) and Washingtonian delusions (democracy will cure everything). Some of our silly Qaj Nazar's think that by merely "uniting", Armenians can alone stand up to Turks or any other regional antagonist. Sorry to burst our nationalistic bubble here, but such thinking is akin to an ally cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion. Underestimating the enemy and overestimating one's capabilities can in fact be suicidal. On the opposite spectrum, our "democracy now" zombies are delusional enough to think that by simply carrying out Washington's political wishes in Armenia, the nation will miraculously turn into a land of milk&honey virtually overnight.Sadly, Armenia today is stuck between these two equally irrational approaches in politics.

As the world around Armenia prepares for battle, Armenians are blindly preparing to battle their state. Will Armenians ever learn from their past mistakes? 

Armenia came very close to suffering a major disaster in the 1990s but very few Armenians today know it. No, I am not talking about Armenia's war of liberation in Artsakh. I'm am talking about the Russian Federation coming close to loosing its protracted war against the Islamic uprising in the northern Caucasus back in the 1990s. The bloody insurgency in Russia's southern regions was covertly being supported by Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Western alliance. Had Moscow been pushed out of the Caucasus at the time, Armenia would have been next-in-line and not even a million Armenian "Fedayis" would have prevented Azeris, Turks, Wahhabists, Chechens and - why not Georgians - from bringing our small, impoverished and landlocked Armenia to its knees. Those who do not think that this was a plausible scenario simply do not understand the nature of the beast Moscow faced in the north Caucasus at the time.

The Caucasus region as a whole would have suffered very dire repercussions had Moscow been defeated. Thank God, under Vladimir Putin's supervision, the war against the foreign-backed Islamic insurgency in the Caucasus was won and a historic disaster was thwarted. The following are two older blog entries about the war in Chechnya and how close Russia (and Armenia) came to a major disaster - 

Arab Spring in Armenia?

I have already mentioned in previous commentaries that Washington is currently using its many assets within the Armenian community to seed Armenia's political landscape for unrest ahead of the next presidential elections due to take place early next year. In fact, they may be planning an "Arab Spring" type uprising. If Armenia's politically illiterate peasantry takes the bait from their ringleaders and takes to the streets in the name of truth, justice and the American way, I expect counter-terrorism units from Russia to arrive in Armenia as well. Since I don't have much faith in Armenian security forces getting the job done effectively, I would expect the Russia's GRU to perform it. They have done it before, I expect them to do it again. And when they do, I would hope they do a little more extensive housecleaning this time around. In other words, no more sweeping the dirt under the rug.

Armenia's many cancerous tumors need to be surgically removed regardless of how bloody the operation may be. Despite its flaws, the political system currently in place in Yerevan needs to be preserved at all costs simply because the alternatives we see waiting on the political sidelines in Armenia would prove disastrous for the fledgling republic. With the geopolitical stakes in the region much higher now, the political dangers Armenia currently faces as a result are also much more severe than in the past.

Uncle Sam crossdressing as Santa Claus

As we all know, Vladimir Putin returned to power last week. This week, "Radio Liberty" and "ArmeniaNow" are grudgingly reporting that Yerevan is moving militarily closer to Moscow. Knowing that they fear and hate Vladamir Putin like vampires fear and hate the Holy Cross, it was only natural that Washington would have one of its many street dogs in Yerevan to bark-up a nasty storm. During a recent press-conference, agent Richard Giragosian - the American-Armenian "political scientist/expert" with a dubious military intelligence background - began barking, naturally in English, that Moscow is planning to "press" Armenia to "settling" the Artsakh dispute; clearly insinuating that Moscow will be forcing Yerevan into unwanted concessions. The clown indirectly warned Armenia about joining the Moscow-led Eurasian Union. He complimented Sargsyan's administration's diplomatic capabilities, most probably signalling that Yerevan is being expected to continue its balanced approach vis-à-vis Washington/West. And in a veiled threat, the clown also suggested that Washington will be closely watching Armenia's upcoming election process.

Yes folks, Uncle Sam is now crossdressing as Santa Claus and through his many elves he will be watching everybody. And of course he doesn't want good ol' Armenia to behave like bad ol' Russia. Therefore, Armenians better watch out!

As with all servants of the American empire, agent Giragosian naturally sees himself an enlightener of third world savages who are just stepping out of the dark ages; or in Armenia's case, just stepping out from under Russia's wing. Similar to how the Vatican relentlessly pushed its version of Christianity upon undeveloped societies for many centuries, Washington has in similar fashion been pushing its version of a new religion known as Democracy upon the political infidels of the world in recent decades. We are all expected by the empire's proselytizers to offer sacrifices to their holy doctrine because their god is all powerful and omnipresent, and if we dare to displease him his wrath shall be unleashed upon us all.

Armenia exploited by activists
Armenians are failing to understand that Armenia's failings (i.e. its growing pains) are being exploited by Western political interests. There are sinister political motives behind Washington's complaints with regards to the level of "democracy" in Armenia. Some Armenians naively suggest that we should somehow disregard the messenger and simply listen to the message. To which I say, bullshit! Intent is always more important than content. As such, a whore should not be complaining about others not being virgins. Washington needs to worry about the level of democracy in the United States. At the end of the day, we must recognize that Armenia's woes are purely economic in nature.
Speaking of Washington's many zombies in Armenia, in the following video links we see Cold Warrior Paruyr Hayrikian, one of Washington's all-times favorites in the country, somberly summoning ghosts from the distant Soviet past. As if Armenia currently does not have enough on its national plate, individuals like Paruyr Hayrikian (and Raffi Hovanissian) are demanding that the state opens its Soviet era archives and publicly reveal who in today's Armenia was involved with the dreaded KGB. Please watch the irrationality -

«Գաղտնազերծում- Լյուստրացիա» - մաս 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT2QJs1TYc0&feature=related

«Գաղտնազերծում- Լյուստրացիա» - մաս 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApDsuOiIckE

These kinds of tactics are being employed by Western activists simply to tinker with the current political system in Armenia ultimately because Yerevan's course in the region does not suit imperialists in Washington. These are some of the many ways with which Washington's many operatives in Armenia play with the sheeple's emotions and in doing so put pressure on a targeted political entity, in this case the pro-Russian Armenian government. Nevertheless, it has been over twenty years after the demise of the Soviet Union and Paruyr Hayrikyan is still feverishly fighting the Cold War and he is stilldesperately seeking Western hegemony over the Caucasus.

To these people, I have only one thing to say: Better in the KGB than in the CIA.

We a least had an Armenia under the KGB. If any one of these Washingtonian zombies have their way in Yerevan, Armenia will most probably end up being a desolate province in either Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran or Georgia... or at the very least forced to become subordinate to Ankara. In fact, looking at an Armenian political landscape that is currently full of BMW driving chobans and Western mercenaries, I would actually not mind bringing back some of Armenia's Soviet era bureaucrats. What we don't need in Armenia, however, is characters like Paruyr Hayrikian. Armenia's Cold War era zombies need to be put to rest.

For does who maintain a healthy understanding of geopolitics and for those who do not have high blood pressure or heart problems, I suggest watching the following by Paruyr Hayrikian from about a year ago. In the following interview, Washington's favorite Cold Warrior is sternly warning that if Armenia does not democratize as per Washingtonian demands, or in his words, if Armenia becomes a "filthy Russian province", American naval forces stationed in the Mediterranean Sea will not help Armenia by bombing Baku with cruise-missiles when Azerbaijani forces invade Armenia. Yes folks, you heard it right. If Armenia does not become democratic, Washington wont help Armenia if Baku attacks it one day. This is the alarming state of political illiterate in Armenia's opposition today. If Paruyr Hayrikian is an accurate example of Armenian nationalism, Armenia is doomed as a nation. Please listen to the utter irrationality of one of Armenia's most beloved nationalists for yourselves and explain to me why Kremlin officials should trust Armenians - 

Paruyr Hayrikyan - Pastark Akumb part 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlthyY2XrmU

Paruyr Hayrikyan - Pastark Akumb part2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwwjRQMN8Jg

Paruyr Hayrikyan - Pastark Akumb part 3:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5BqwxiUXGw
Getting back to Armenia. Despite the wild fantasies of Washington's activists in Yerevan, Armenians must understand that Armenia's main problem today is not the lack of democracy or the absence fair elections. Rather, Armenia's primary problem today is geopolitical. Being that Armenia is small, poor, landlocked, remote and surrounded by hostile nations, we must recognize that there are essentially three ways we can effectively cure Armenia's serious economic aliments: One, physically move the country and place it next to a nation like Germany. Two, extend Armenia's borders to the Black Sea and/or to Russia. Three, pray that Moscow creates Pax Russicana in the Caucasus. In other words, Armenia needs to break out of its current geographical predicament.

Doing anything else at this point is simply blowing smoke up people's asses.

Other than some disciplined Germanic nations, virtually all nations on earth today have serious economic problems, including United States, Israel and Britain. In fact, the financial problems the world is facing today are directly connected to Globalism and to the overwhelming power the US Dollar and Western institutions such as the IMF has had over nations of the world. One day, perhaps one day when it's too late, Armenians will realize that Yerevan's integration into Washingtonian institutions is in fact a liability for Armenia. Unfortunately, Serj Sargsyan's balanced approach in East-West politics is providing Armenia's many mercenaries a public podium to spew his fear rhetoric and propaganda. As long as Yerevan continues its policy of playing with imperialists in Washington, Armenia will continue stagnating. Yerevan must learn to do without Washingtonian bribes commonly known as aid and it must learn to begin concentrating its efforts on developing closer relations with the Russian Federation, the European Union, Iran, India and China.
It's very alarming that legions of gullible sheeple in this world have taken Washington's bait - hook, line and sinker. It's usually the fringe elements (e.i. homosexuals, illiterates, criminals, racists, religious cults and emotionally scarred individuals) in targeted societies that empowers Washingtonian reptiles and gives them the semblance of credibility. Moreover, through the exploitation of numerous major international organizations, news agencies, NGOs, social media and pop culture, Washington has also been able to place a great number of people around the world under mass hypnosis. As I see idiots in Moscow or Yerevan take to the streets and chant Western slogans, often times in English, the only explanation I can come up with is that such people are suffering from mass hysteria ormass hypnosis. Nevertheless, instead of meddling in the internal affairs of other nations,power-blind-megalomaniacs in Washington should be trying to put their collapsing house in order. Blinded to reality in the unipolar world of the post-Soviet period, Washington has been spending trillions of dollars on wars and friendly dictatorships as 1/3 of Americans live in or near poverty today.

Russia is the beginning and the end
Despite agent Giragosian's best efforts to derail Armenia's strategic alliance with Russia through fearmongering and manipulation of Armenia's political illiterates, destiny will make sure that Yerevan and Moscow will remain in a firm embrace. Armenia's Qaj Nazar's seriously need to wake-up and realize that for Armenia Moscow is the alpha and the omega of the Caucasus. No Russia in the Caucasus means no Armenia in the Caucasus. While some Armenians foolishly pursue justice via "documents" and "international laws", those that have a real understanding of history and international relations realize that the keys to Artsakh and Javakhq, as well as the keys to Western Armenia are in fact located in Moscow and to a lesser extent in Tehran.
Thus, Armenia's relations with Moscow is key to its long-term security and prosperity in the Caucasus and beyond. If we Armenians lose Moscow's ear or its good will, we will lose Armenia. It's that simple. I'm afraid that Turks may be recognizing the crucial importance of Russia better than us Armenians. But thank God that Russians themselves are making sure Yerevan stays aligned to Moscow. Instead of fearmongering about Russia taking-over Armenia again or selling Armenia to Turks, Armenians should instead be concentrating their efforts on lobbying in the Kremlin and this effort should be a pan-national task! Despite all this, significant numbers of Armenians 
continue suffering from serious Russophobic disorders and they continue begging and crying at the feet of reptilians in Washington.

Armenia today has a historic opportunity to tap into the great potential of one of the word's greatest powers. All it requires is purpose, vision and organization. If we Armenians manage to cleanse ourselves from the psychological conditioning we have been subjected to by Washington; if we Armenians are able to exorcize our Cold War ghosts; if we Armenians finally put an end to our victim mentalities - we may just begin to realize that Armenians can be in Russia similar to what Jews are in the Western world. Armenians today are found throughout the upper echelons of Russian society. And what are we Armenians doing with this great potential? Looking as our genocide obsessed diaspora and brain-dead crusaders of democracy in Armenia, I'm afraid to say nothing is being done. 
In fact, Armenians simply enjoy sitting back and admiring what Jews have accomplished in the United States as they continue badmouth Russians and Russian-Armenians...

A very long time ago I came to the sobering realization that we Armenians may be Armenia's worst enemy.
 And as I have said on many previous occasions, Armenians can be brilliant musicians, scientists, academicians, businessmen and sportsmen... But, for some reason, when it comes to politics, Armenians continue to act like a bunch of self-destructive peasants.

Springtime has historically meant wartime

As Armenians prepare to battle their state, major powers around the world have been preparing for the possibility of a major world war. As noted above, Russia is building up its military in the Caucasus. Veteran diplomat Henry Kissinger was in Moscow for a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Washington's top military man was in a rare visit to Tel Aviv holding secret meetings with Zionist officials. There are rumors that Israel's Diamona power-plant will be shutting down. Sargsyan again met with Aliyev in Sochi. Moscow has supplied Syria with large amounts of modern weaponry. Western troops and diplomats are downgrading their exposure in Iraq and Afghanistan and are repositioning themselves in other nations in the region. And Russia's Sergey Lavrov was in Damascus to hold urgent talks with Assad... The worry on everyone's mind is Iran or Syria and the possibility that a war there may spillover to adjacent regions.

As previously suggested, in the case of a Western-led military strike against Iran there may be some scenarios that can in fact be beneficial for Moscow and Yerevan. One possible scenario envisions Russian forces stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia linking-up with Armenia, thereby establishing a direct land connection between Yerevan and Moscow through Georgia. Needless to say, there are also some horrible scenarios as well. I don't think any sane person would accept such a gamble at this point in time. Once begun, wars take on a life of their own. Wars are simply too unpredictable to gamble on. Thus, a war in the region must be avoided at all costs by those living in or in close proximity to the region. Having said that, however, preparing for a possible war is also a must for Moscow, Yerevan and Tehran.
Preparing for war to avoid a war

If the Anglo-American-Zionist alliance and its regional Turkish and Arab friends come to the realization that Moscow is very serious about protecting its regional interests from their aggression and that an attack against Iran might prove very costly for them, they will surely back down. Moreover, the Western war machine will not risk conducting combat operations in a theater where Russian troops are located. Despite their immense war budgets and their state-of-the-art weaponry, when confronted by capable forces in the battlefield, Western militaries have proven to be nothing but pager-tigers.

Therefore, I firmly believe that if confronted with steady opposition from Moscow and Beijing and if Iran and Syria are provided with modern weaponry and persistent political backup on the international stage, the Western alliance will call-off a military strike and it will simply continue its campaign against Tehran and Damascus by other less effective means. In other words, they will continue providing support for Islamic/Al-Qaeda elements operating out of Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan. At the end of the day, if Syria and Iran are spared from destruction, it will essentially be because of the countermeasures Russian has enacted in the region. 

Moscow is living up to its expectations as being the last front against American imperialism, NATO expansionism, Globalism, Wahhabist Islamic fanaticism, Zionism and pan-Turkism.
Posted below this commentary are a series of important news articles that have caught my attention in recent weeks. They are all relevant to Syria, Russia and Armenia. However, some of them are Western media reports. Therefore, I ask you to exercise some caution when reading them. In other words, read between the lies because they were written by presstitutes.

March, 2012

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